Unidentified caterpillar
I hope you can tell me what this is. We found it in a pile of dead Live Oak leaves but it would not eat them. We have tried asparagus fern and other plants that were nearby, but so far it has not eaten a thing. This caterpillar is pale lime green with brown teardrop shaped eyes, and has a geometric pattern on its back. The pattern consists of two elongated diamond shapes which are lighter green and are outlined in light brown. The diamond shapes have a dashed green line proceeding up the center, and I have seen the “dashes” dissappear and reappear from the tail toward the head as it crawls, somewhat like lights around a movie marquee sign. There is a dotted line of light brown spots up each side of the body with each body segment having a dot in its center. Do you know what this is? I would like to know what it eats.
Thank-you very much!
Dawn Michel
Orlando, FL

Hi Dawn,
This is a caterpillar in the genus Heterocampa. Offhand, we can’t say what they eat, but armed with the name, you should be able to find out easily.

Location: Florida

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