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Scorpion in South Africa
I have found a scorpion in my lounge, just sitting there looking at my foot. I Live in South Africa and was wondering how dangerous this scorpion is ? Any info on it would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards
Neel Sahdeo

Hi Neel,
We don’t really know much about South African scorpions, but we did locate a site that discusses medically important species with serious stings. Your specimen does not seem to match those pictured. Perhaps someone who knows more will write in with a positive identification.

Update: For the south african scorpion.
Hey guys,
No clear identification on that scorpion, although for quick “Is-it-dangerous-or-not?” Big pinchers small tail, not fatal, cause it kills bugs with the pinchers. Small pinchers big tail, DO NOT TOUCH IT, kills bugs with poison. Sorry ’bout the late reply, timezones and everything. Yes, those in the picture would be small pinchers, if you have two specimens of each next to each other, then you can clearly see the difference. Here is a link that helps! http://www.scorpions.co.za/rothumb.asp On identification matters I think that one could be a Pseudolychas pegleri, Not certain though, but I queried it with Jonathan Leeming, an expert on the field of scorpions. The above link is to his site as well. Hope it all helps!
Hardus Swanepoel

Update: Hardus then forwarded the following identification.
Hi Hardus Yep! It’s Pseudolychas pegleri. I bet it was found in your house…
Kind regards
Jonathan Leeming
scorpions of southern Africa

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to South African Scorpion: Dangerous Pseudolychas pegleri

  1. Deepaksingh says:

    Beautiful and venenamous scorpion

  2. Steph says:

    Found the same one in my kitchen.

  3. PaulEberhard says:

    Found the same one in my Lounge to Night in JB

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