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I’m located in Melbourne Australia and I found this spider in my car, crawling up the window. At first I thought it was a baby bee, but upon closer inspection realised it was a spider, I took a photo because I haven’t seen one of these before. Sorry about the quality of the photo but the spider was about 1-2cms, orangy-red legs, white feeler-fang type things and the abdomen had yellow stripes, hence my assumption it was a bee. I’m hoping someone can help me identify the spider as my searching hasn’t provided any answers.

Hi Anna,
This is a Jumping Spider in the Family Salticidae. They are harmless. As the coloration of your specimen is very distinctive, it shouldn’t be too difficult to identify the species based upon the family information and location.

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  1. drtjhawkeswood says:

    This spider is Breda jovialis (Koch, 1879) in the family Salticidae. A review of its biology and habits have been provided in my Spiders of Australia book (2003)

    Best regards, Trevor

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