Hello Mr.Bugman.
WOW! What a Treasure trove of Bug Info! I am a Land Hermit Crab owner and I have recently found a Bee or Wasp, Dont quite know. She is Mostly Black with some thin White Stripes around her Abdomen and Seems to have Some Fuzz on the Thorax. I am in Western Massachusetts and Since it is Early February, Releasing it out into the Environment is not an Option at this time. Can ya Please Help me Identify her And if known, What May I add to my Crab Habitat for food? The Pictures of her is on a Piece of Cholla Wood. I am guessing that she is about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in Length. Thank you for any assistance.

Hi Mike,
This looks like a Leaf-Cutting Bee in the genus Megachile. Female bees like cells in rotting wood or soil with circles of leaves that they cut with their mandibles. The cells are then filled with pollen and nectar and an egg is laid. The best food source you can provide for your tenant consists of fresh flowers, so you might be amassing a substantial florist bill.

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