Very Large Moth – Probably a Black Witch
Hi, Bugman,
This is my second submission of a giant moth photo. The first, last summer, was an Imperial moth that I discovered on a rose bush in front of my house in Pennsylvania. I never expected to see another insect that large again. To my surprise, while sitting in an outdoor hotel bar in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, the critter in the attached photo landed on my piña colada! It was variegated brown with very prominent “eye” markings. For scale, the glass is about 8” tall and 2-1/2” in diameter. I’m guessing it’s a Black Witch, judging from the other recent submissions from the same area (Isla Mujeres is 5 miles of the coast of Cancun and about 40 miles north of Playa del Carmen).
Gary Garb

Hi again Gary,
This is indeed a Black Witch which are very common in Mexico. We love your quirky photo, exactly the kind of image that appeals to our aesthetic. We are amused that you eat olives while drinking Pi

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