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Unidentified scary bug – please help ID!
Hi Mr. Bug Man,
My name is Sara and my fiance recently found a weird and disturbing insect on the bathroom floor. When my fiance tried to coax the insect into a storage container with a pen the insect bit the tip of the pen and refused to let go. My fiance lifted the pen and was able to place the insect into the container while the insect remained attached to the pen. Although you can only see the upper 2 pinching mouthparts of the insect there are 2 more below the top two that move upward so the 4 parts come together to latch onto things like pens and other insects I imagine. We live in Leon, Guanajuato Mexico which is very arrid and located in the Sierra Madre mountain range. My fiance has lived here for 28 years and has never seen one of these insects here and we are hoping you can help us to identify this insect. We are very interested to find out if it is a larvae or adult, if it is dangerous at all and where it likes to live other than our bathroom so we can set it free as I´m sure it doesn´t like life in a tupperware container. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sara Lerg

Hi Sara,
This is a Solpugid, also known as a Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion. It is not an insect, but an arachnid. They are not poisonous, so are harmless to people, though there could be a painful bite if provoked. Insects and other arthropods need to fear for their lives as Solpugids are fierce predators that use those formidible jaws to mangle prey.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Mexico

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