what is this huge antlike thing? found in northern CA
Hi. We live in Lucas Valley 25 mins north of San Francisco. We found so far 3 of this bug – first one was almost translucent like it hadn’t had enough light, 2nd was the one on the picture both found in the kitchen. 3rd found today about 3 weeks later in the hallway (other end of house) what is this thing? the house is on slab and has no attics, only way in are from an open door or thru the washer/dryer area where there looks to be a hole in the wall. Are they dangerous? They look harmless but freaky, like ants that had too much food. Our garden has a nice rose garden and has been very well tended to – there was a compost pile but was removed and I just started a new one a few weeks ago so not related I don’t think.. We bought the house in December btw… Thanks for any light you can shed on this guy!

Hi Susanne,
We always keep a photo of a Potato Bug on our homepage because we get so many questions about them. They are also known as Jerusalem Crickets and are harmless, but they do have strong jaws and can nip. They generally live underground but are fond of wandering into homes.

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