Cysteodemis armatus
Your wonderful site has helped me id this beautiful spider beetle, Cysteodemis armatus. I’m curious if the coloring is inherent or if it’s pollen laden? I didn’t want to disturb it to find out. Thanks for the great resource!

Hi Adriano,
Your photo is stunning. We aren’t sure about the pollen theory, so we will check with Eric Eaton to get his opinion. Though the genus seems accurate, the possibility exists this is a different species. Please write back and tell us where this photo was taken.

The photo was taken at the base of the Ship Mountains in the Mojave Desert.

Eric Eaton wrote back: ” I guess my response to the blister beetle never reached you….I agree on Cystedemus, but it is probably the “other” of the two U.S. species. I don’t have a reference that lists both names, sorry.”

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