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I just stumbled across your site and it looks like a useful resource. In fact at the moment I’m aiming to create my own site with species lists, photos and profiles for species from parts of the world I’ve visited. I’m particularly keen on finding information on species I haven’t been able to track down on the internet, since there’s a good chance others will have the same difficulty and my site could prove helpful to them. I’ve collected a fair few photos of unidentifiable insects and arachnids over the years, so I’m afraid this could take several e-mails. First up: An unusual net-casting spider from Mt Spec, Paluma Range National Park, in the Australian Wet Tropics. I’m afraid it’s not the world’s best photo, but the rounded body is unlike any net caster I’ve been able to find information on. Next: A brown huntsman spider (genus Heteropoda), also from the Wet Tropics (further north, in Babinda). Is this photo good enough to allow identification to species level? 3. A dragonfly from Queensland, near the Basalt River. There are more dragonflies to come, I’m afraid – this is the group I’ve had most trouble identifying. More to come. Thanks for bearing with me!
Phil Bowles

Hi Phil,
You have overwhelmed us with the quantity of critters you want us to identify. Sadly, our identification capabilities do not extend into exotic tropical locations. We are thrilled to post your Net Casting Spider photo as we have one on our site, sans net. Dragonflies often give us problems as well. We encourage you to set up your own site and we will gladly provide a link when you do.

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Location: Australia

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