Genista Caterpillar
I found your website checking on the Genista caterpillar. I’ve attached two pictures of them on the Lupinus diffusus in Polk County, Florida. I had sent the pictures to an Entomology Dept. at University of Florida for an ID. I read with interest your posting of the caterpillar on another plant.
Paul Eisenbrown

Hi Paul,
Thanks for sending the photos. Genista Caterpillars are not very common online.

Location: Florida

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  1. melspond says:

    I am on west coast of Florida, Anna Maria Island. Just found quite a few of these on my necklace pod bushes (native florida plant). Cut off affected branches and sprayed with spionsad. Keep watch, it sounds like these could be very destructive.

  2. are the Genista caterpillar’s poisonise?

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