Mystery caterpillar
Alex’s Mom here again! We love your website!!! Alex found this caterpillar performing tricks at the circus. Actually, it was climbing the chain link fence outside of Cirque du Solieu in Miami. We took him home and tried to research what kind of caterpillar it was so we could scrounge up some food for it. No luck on finding what this is, could you help? It has already formed a chrysalis within 12 hours of our bringing it home. We’re assuming that is why it was up on the chain link fence. Thanks for your help!!!
Alex and his Mom

Hi Alex and Mom,
Sorry to fail you, but we don’t recognize your little critter. It might be a Noctuid Caterpillar, and superficially resembles The Laugher, but it is a different species. We will continue to research.

(02/22/2006) mystery caterpillar emerges as mystery moth
Hi there.
We sent you a picture of a caterpillar not long ago (see attached) and we actually stumped you. So now that the moth emerged today, we wanted to send you pics to see if you could figure out what it is. My son thinks it’s the Ctenucha Virginica. Is he close?? Thank you!
Alex and his Mom

Hi Alex and his Mom,
Though your moth bears a striking resemblance to a Virginia Ctenucha, the caterpillar is very different. We believe to be a Yellow Collared Scape Moth, Cisseps fulvicollis, a much closer caterpillar match.

Correction:  November 28, 2014
We just received a correction that this is an Edward’s Wasp Moth, and we found a matching image of the caterpillar on BugGuide and we also found an image of the adult Edward’s Wasp Moth on BugGuide.

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  1. This is Edwards’ Wasp Moth larva – Lymire edwardsii

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