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Hello, Mr. Bugman!
I have checked your site (a great place!) but I haven’t seen anything about the image I sent. (I probably missed it. I can feel myself getting embarrassed already!) Anyway, I will rely on your patience and understanding and ask again, what kind of spider is this? (I’m getting a lot of questions–still!–about this photo! It’s my background on my computer.)
Ed. Note Originally Sent: (10/25/2005) another spider
Thank you for your very interesting site. I find it very easy to use and I enjoyed reading about the spiders that were identified. I, too, found a spider that came in with the wood for the stove in the cottage. After much squealing, I persuaded the spider to get into a glass and placed it outside. I’ve attached a photo of the spider outside. The cottage is about half a mile from Georgian Bay, in Ontario, Canada. I’m sure it’s just an ordinary spider, but it caused a lot of excitement when I showed the photo at the office. I heard theories from wolf to wood to dock spider. Could you tell me what it is? (I think I may have just emailed you — in error — without the image. My apologies! The image, I promise, is now attached.)

Hi Karin,
Please forgive us. Your original letter probably got lost in transition. Our old webhost was not dependable, and often we lost service at the end of the month. This is a Dolomedes Fishing Spider. Dock Spider is probably a local name.

Location: Canada

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