baby mantis
Hey, i just got this beauty the other day. I am so excited i started looking all over the place for more pictures and info on other matis! your website is incredible and the mantis pics are awsome! my friend took this picture of my baby eating a ant from the recycling bin. He just tore that thing in half! I also heard that if you take them out periodiically and let them walk on you they become more used to it as they get older, but the other day when i tried it jumped a good six inches to my other hand and i freaked out. Its so small, i dont want to loose it. Will they always jump like that and how should i keep it under control next time? Also, is there any way to tell what kind of mantis it is, or what it might look like when it matures?

Hi Sam,
Mantises cannot be truly tamed. They will jump and when they mature and grow wings, they will fly away. We cannot tell exactly what species you have at this point. Thanks for the great image.

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