I saw these caterpillars while on vacation on the island of Samui in Thailand. I thought they were beautiful and wanted to know more about them.

We have no idea what these caterpillars are, but they are so beautiful, we are posting the letter hoping someone will identify them. If we were on a game show and had to venture a guess, we would say a butterfly in the Nymphalidae Family. Certain members of that family have spines and social behavior, like the Mourning Cloak.

(04/10/2007) Caterpillar Identifications
Hello WTB,
Having reared and photographed several hundred species of butterflies (no time for moths) for the past 25+ years, I thought you’d appreciate knowing two IDs that I noticed while quickly scanning your caterpillar pages last night . . . Thai Caterpillars (01/24/2006) — “Leopard lacewing”, Cethosia cyane (Nymphalidae, Heliconiinae, Acraeini); larval foodplant: primarily Adenia and some Passiflora (both Passifloraceae). See photo of adult and caterpillar at < > . I hope this information is helpful and of some interest. Best wishes,
Keith Wolfe
Antioch, CA

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