Daphnis Nerii Caterpillar!
You asked for it on 12/23/2005. The Oleander Hawkmoth Caterpillar. And here it is! I have just today taken a few pictures of this gorgeous specimen. We were walking just across an alley from the First Hawaiian Bank in Pukalani Hawaii, when my niece spotted it heading under a parked car. Well I had identified the hawkmoth some months ago on another bug ID site [BugGuide] and had been waiting to see one of these. I put it back off the parking lot, under the pink Nerii Oleanders so it can do its thing. I resisted the urge to put it in a bottle and watch it hatch. Please see the two attached images and you may use them to your hearts content. By the way, I have seen Oleander Hawkmoth’s all over this island. According to Bill Oekhe and the Hear website, this larvae is way out of season. (I think? Yeah that’s a question.) Thank you for spreading the beauty and understanding of our dear insect cousins. Monsters they are not!
Jesse Francis,

Hi Jesse,
Thank you so much for the great photos, awesome letter, and positive world view. Regarding them being off season, it is the second report we received today, the other from Crete. Shall we blame global warming?

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  1. Joanne Spinelli says:

    Found these caterpillars at Kona Bali Kai Condo on Big Island of Hawaii on April 30, 2014.
    Please call as there are many more on-site. Contact phone (808)329-8176 or (808)895-8099.

  2. Pat Rouse says:

    Hi Kim,

    We found one of these caterpillars crawling INSIDE our house in Corfu when we came back from shopping today. It was smaller than the ones you have seen (about 10 cm) but still bigger than a catterpillar I want to meet indoors. I’m pleased we know what it is and hope future specimens stay outside!

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