Bug question for the Bugman
Hello Bugman,
What an amazing and beautiful website! I wish I stumbled across it sooner. It is a great inspiration; it makes me want to learn more about these awesome creatures. Thank you. We found this beetle crawling on a rock near a mountain stream in Colorado. It was sometime around October, 2005. Any ideas? I tried looking it up but had no luck.

Hi Alicia
We decided to check in on Eric Eaton for help and he quickly responded: ” It’s a pleasing fungus beetle, Gibbifer californicus, in the family Erotylidae. This is one of the larger, more spectacular species, found in the southwest U.S.” The adults and larvae both feed on a variety of wood rotting fungi, hence the name Pleasing Fungus Beetle. Additional research turned up this amusing name: Humpty Dumpty Erotylidae.

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