Whose eggs are these?
I wonder if you can help me identify the creature from whom came these eggs? I found them under a pallet (in East coast Australia).

Hi Grev,
We have no idea, but we are excited to create a new Egg page. We sometimes get requests for egg identification and we are rarely able to identify them. Maybe somewone will write in with the answer.

Good morning and thanks for your reply. I am a little closer to an answer about the eggs. “Order Neuroptera: In about half the families, eggs are laid on thin stalks, either in rows or in a “U” shaped cluster, attached to wood or leaves.” (A Field Guide to Insects In Australia by Zborowski & Storey). I suppose we can rule out lacewings (we have plenty of those), as they lay their eggs singly. Other Neuroptera around here are Mantis Flies and Antlions Regards,

Update:  January 19, 2015
These are the Eggs of a Blue Eyed Lacewing.

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2 Responses to Mystery Australian Neuropteran Eggs are Blue Eyed Lacewing Eggs

  1. Grey says:

    Also found one of these. Australia, mid north coast nsw. Have photos but dont know how to submit. Very curious, look like lacewings but in odd u-shape cluster.

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