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Hello Whats That Bug?
I found this grasshopper in the mountains of Madagascar. The people there call it tumateus. It is about 10cm and eats toxic plants. Do you know any source of information about this bug? I didn’t personally take the picture. Would it be possible for you to add a photo credit to www.tsaracamp-madagascar.com? Its a website I’m currently working on and for which I’m seeking the information for that particular toxic grasshopper. In case I find any details I’ll forward it to you.
Many thanks,

Hi Kati,
It was our childhood dream to see the exotica in Madagascar. We don’t know what this is, but will try doing some additional research. Meanwhile, we are posting it because it is so gorgeous.

Dear Bugman,
I happened by your website and can pass on a couple of names for you. On your main page the first two photographs are: Madagascar grasshopper – Phymateus, probably P. saxosus. There is a photo of this on the back cover of American Entomologist 40(4), Winter 1994 labeled P. sosux, but this may be a misspelling of sosux. Alternatively, they may both be good names.
Jim Hogue

Phymateus saxosus
I just saw the beautiful picture of the appropri ately identified Phymateus saxosus on your site. They are a member of the Pyrgomorphidae. I have a preserved specimen of P. saxosus on my office wall, but it hasn’t retained it’s bright blue coloration. It’s hind wings are a bright magenta tipped with black spots. I have seen & heard P. saxosus sometimes referred to by the common names of Rainbow Bush Locust, Rainbow Milkweed Locust, or Giant Milkweek Locust. I believe its high toxicity comes from milkweed or similar toxic plants, hence the common name.
Chad Lensbower

Location: madagascar

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