Help me to identify this one
I love your web page.
Thank You
Danilo Rivas

Sadly, Danilo, we don’t know what species these Leafhoppers are either. Thank you for sending in such fascinating exotica from Brasil.

Update: (01/11/2007)
bug images on WTB
Dear Bugman, I enjoyed visiting your site. It really doesn’t compete with, since you have posted lots of foreign insects that they bar from that site. For example, you have some really nice photos of the primitive treehopper Aetalion (which is tropical). I thought you might like to know about the following:
(3) The “unidentified leafhoppers” from Brazil are a sharpshooter (left) and a spittle bug (right). Sharpshooters are leafhoppers of the subfamily Cicadellinae that feed on very dilute sap, or mud puddles, and shoot out drops of excess water from their tail ends. Spittle bugs do not have the spiny hind legs of leafhoppers and sharpshooters.
Thanks for helping to spread an interest in Homoptera. We need to encourage the amateur.
Andy Hamilton

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