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Help to ID this cicadellidae
Pictures take in differents time.
Danilo Rivas

Hi Danilo,
You already know this is in the Leafhopper Family Cicadellidae, and we really aren’t going to be able to help after that since we don’t own a guide to Brasilian insects. Your photos are quite amazing and since there is a relationship between the hoppers and the ant, we are guessing honeydew is secreted by the Leafhoppers.

I am a cuban Molecular Biologist working in Brasil…. I can not found yet any help in Brasil to ID my cicadellidae pictures that is the reason to contact you. I am waiting for the brazilian bug specialist opinion…but in this country the interest for the nature is really low…. Today I make more photos…of the baby group and you can see that some babies have some (black) colour lines longitudinal in the body (just the older babies…) The cicadellidae reproduction was in a Ceiba pentandra tree, a very comun tree in my country. Thank you for your interest.

Update from Eric Eaton:
“the topmost images of the Brazilian leafhoppers are a species that is probably NOT in the Cicadellidae. There are several entire families of Heteroptera in the tropics that have no representatives in North America.”

Update (01/16/2006)
Hello Daniel
May be the real ID is treehoppers…Fam: Aetalionidae, Gen: Aetalion. I found a work of Douglas W. Tallamy (photos of Preston Mafham)”Child care among the insects”, and in that the pictures are really similar to my pictures, ant-mutualist, etc…. try to find the paper in the internet, and please, contact Eric Eaton in order to confirm that. Thank you
Danilo Rivas

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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