Strange flying insect
Your site is incredible, I’m enjoying it immensely. While I don’t normally have trouble identifying the bugs I find, this one’s really stumping me. It flew into my office here in Brisbane, Australia, and most closely resembles a wasp. It had large wasp-like mandibles, and held its wings like a wasp, but the colour was breathtaking. This irridescent green would turn blue depending on the light, and after taking several photos I let him go and it was like watching a sapphire soar into the sky. If you could help identify it I’d be very happy. I have images of more Australian insects here:

Hi Lawrence,
Your beauty is a Cuckoo Wasp, in the family Chrysididae. Cuckoo Wasps get their name because they parasitize the nests of other wasps and do not build their own nest.

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  1. Peter Kelly says:

    I saw one of these today as it was stumbling around on the ground at a building site. I picked it up to see if it was injured and it curled itself on my hand. I put it on the ground and got my camera but before I could set it on macro, it found it’s wings and gently flew away. I now think it was a young wasp making it’s first flight.

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