Bug found in my Kitchen
I am in Brisbane Australia and live in an apartment on the 7th floor. The balcony doors open partially onto the kitchen and I tend to leave them open all the time. I found this bug 2 days ago on the kitchen counter. His body is about 2 inches long and the distance between his eyes was wider than the rest of his body. He was thicker than my Boyfriends thumb, now I know that isn’t the best measurement, but this was a big bug.

We have gotten several images of Australian Cicadas in recent months. We located a great site for Australian Cicadas called Scribbly Gum: Summer of the Singing Cicadas, but none of the pictured species seems to exactly match yours.

Update (02/06/2006)
cicada on WTB 9&22Jan
These are both Psaltoda claripennis (Australia) which are emerging around this time around Brisbane. They are around 4cm long (body) about the size of your Tibicen winnemanna.

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