Bugs seen only in Winter snow
Hello Bugman,
My son is very interested in identifying a bug that we see each winter in the snow. I have attached two pictures – one against a ruler. The insect has 6 legs, two long antenna and two things off the back (two tails?). It’s approx. 1/2 inch in length. Please help!
Thanks – Kevin and Stephen Crowley

Dear Crowleys,
We are always very excited to get new species for our site, but even more excited to get new families. This is a type of Stonefly, Order Plecoptera, known as the Snowfly or Winter Stonefly, Family Capniidae, probably the genus Allocapnia. We located photos on Bugguide, but there wasn’t much information, so we decided to search further. Sadly our search was in vain as there seem to be photos and maps, but not much in the way of text. If you find any additional links, perhaps you can contact us with the information.

I found a website with some further information on stoneflies. I hope this helps.

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7 Responses to Snowflies

  1. Britny Stroud says:

    I have seen these in my house a lot lately. We live in SC, USA and it is summer!

  2. Debra says:

    We have some that looks like this in our house this summer too . We live in Ohio they are very annoying but don’t seem to bite or sting

  3. Monica & Nate Delacerda says:

    I found one in my shower. My son Nate & I decided to research the bug to identify it. It’s cold, wet weather in Fresno, Ca but no snow.
    Thank you for the information in identifying this strange bug.

  4. Julie F says:

    Finding them in my house near Valley Forge, PA. Took a photo, then did a Google image search. At least I now know that they are harmless. We are near a creek, so nice to know that they are found around unpolluted water. Just wish they would stay outdoors.

  5. Phil says:

    Hi i found one of these bugs yesterday in North Wales UK no snow here though ugly buggers

  6. Mel says:

    Hi i found one in my lounge it spring now I’m im South Africa

  7. Marilyn Martinelli says:

    Recently found this bug on my front porch furniture covers. I live in North Huntingdon,PA.
    In alk my seventy years, I have never seen this bug.

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