Hello Bugman,
Can you help me identify this moth which I found in my garden, I live in the UK.

Hi Simon,
A little web research and we located your lovely Sphinx Moth, the Lime Hawk Moth. Lime is probably a reference to the color since the food plants are listed as “Tilia ,Prunus ,Betula ,B. verrucosa ,Alnus glutinosa ,A. incana ,Ulmus glabra” on this site with nice images. We located an additional site with much information.

Update (04/11/2006) Anita and the Sphinx!!!
lime sphinx additional note, and an image for fun! Dear Bugman
What a gift you are to us all, and to bugs and the buggable everywhere! I have a quick comment to add to your ID on Jan 03 of this year of a Lime Sphinx seen by a UK resident. Actually, the “lime” in the name IS a reference to the food plant: Tilia cordata, what we in US call Little-leaf Linden, is native to the UK, where it is a Little Leaf Lime. All the Lindens are called “Limes” on the other side of the pond, I have no idea why since no relation to the citrus fruit that I can figure out… may be an interesting story behind that! And for fun, here is me (on a bad hair day!) on my father’s front deck in Cecil County, Maryland with a sphinx moth, prob. Eumorpha pandorus, freshly emerged with nice color tho you can’t see much detail in this shot…

Thanks for the update and clarification Anita. We are running your photo on the homepage now and it will remain with the original letter you cited.

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