Spiders, Crane Flies
You have a great site — thanks very much. I was preparing some nature pics of my own and used your resources to identify a few things. I’ve included some links below to a few of my pictures. A couple of questions: 1) In "crane_fly2.jpg", the bug has some red blobby things on its back. Any idea what that is? Eggs? 2) I believe that the spider skin is a skin from the spider in Fishing spider, I presume. I found a couple of these skins in the wood pile where the spider lives. It looks hollow to me and appears to have split apart when the spider was shedding it. Does this make sense or is it a dead spider?
Take care,
Andre Paquette
Ottawa Ontario Canada

Hi Andre,
The Crane Fly photo you inquired about is difficult to see, but the red blobs are probably mites which often infest Crane Flies. The skin is indeed a Dolomedes Fishing Spider exoskeleton. We really wanted to identify your beautiful black and white Crane Fly and we found Pedicia albivitta on the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website.

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