Red Cotton Bug from India

Fire Bug? Greetings from India ! I shot this tiny (about 1.5 cms) insect yesterday nar Bangalore City, South India. Whould you be able to identify it for me? regards, Vijay Cavale Hi Vijay, This is a Red Cotton Bug, Dysdercus cingulatus. We located some information online, regarding this Hemipteran in the family Pyrrhocoridae, the … Read more

Giant Red-Headed Centipede

giant centipede Thankyou for your wonderful website! We were able to indentify this beautiful giant centipede we found outside our front door yesterday. It was approx 5 1/2 " long! We managed to put it in a cup and move it safely, away from our house. Giant redheaded centipede, Order: Scolopendromorpha, Family: Scolopendridae, Genus and … Read more

Weaver Ant from Thailand

Oecophylla (Weaver Ant) Hello Bugman I thought your viewers may enjoy this picture of what I guess is an Oecophylla (Weaver Ant) having a chew on my finger. These little bundles of joy are probably the dominant predators in our garden give or take the odd snake. We live in Thailand. Regards Sean Hi Sean, … Read more

Unidentified Mantis from Madagascar

Mantis from Madagascar Hallo, can anybody identify this Mantis? I found it near Andasibe in Madagaskar. Thanks Christian Hi Christian, We will post your image of this unidentified Mantis from Madagascar in the hopes that one of our readers can identify it. I’m writing in response to the “Unidentified Mantis from Madagascar” posted on 12/30/2006. … Read more

Toothpick Grasshopper

Bug Photo My Dad took of picture of this in his back yard. Any idea on what it is? He lives in coastal North Carolina. Michelle Raleigh, NC Hi Michelle, This looks like a Toothpick Grasshopper. There are several possible species. Stenacris vitreipennis is the Glassy Winged Toothpick Grasshopper. Our Audubon Guide lists it as … Read more