Immature Wood Cockroach

What is this? I found this crawling toward my 7 month baby…please please please tell me I don’t have cockroaches!! Thanks! Jennifer Hi Jennifer, The good news is that Cockroaches will not attack your baby, but this is a Cockroach. Whether or not you have Cockroaches in the plural is yet to be determined. As … Read more

Cicada from Australia: Double Drummer

Hello – afraid i’m back again Hello Bugman The last time I had an identification problem you were kind enough and able to help (A Bee Assassin Bug) – This time it’s the largest Cicada I have ever seen! It’s overall length is 90mm and body length is 50mm. I have chased all the cicada … Read more

Melonworm Moth

Help, help … Moth? Butterfly? What-in-the-world IS this? Hi! What a delight to find your website while searching for “moth tufted tail” !! I’m so curious about the “identity” of this striking little moth (or butterfly?)I found on my door screen in Houston, Texas on a morning in October 2005. It was about 3/4 inches … Read more

Mantis Eggcase

Butterfly type? Hi there, its the start of winter here in Ontario and while walking along a creek the other day I found this on an old surveying stick. Its about 2.5 inches long by 1.5 wide and 1.5 deep, pretty fat for what I’m guessing is a butterfly pupae. It was found near Orangeville, … Read more