Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillar

bahamas bug hi, this bug lives on my property in the bahamas. it seems to be eating all my trees. can you tell me what it is? or what it will grow to become. is it a vemonous caterpillar? Robert Hi Robert, This is a Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillar, Pseudosphinx tetrio, which feeds on Plumeria. It … Read more

Robber Fly from Malaysia

I think it’s a Robber Fly… Hi Bugman! Happy Holidays! I think this is a Robber Fly (Family Asilidae); but, I’m not sure what the species is – can you help? I took the photograph this morning, here in Penang, Malaysia. The predator had its proboscis inserted into the unlucky prey and wasn’t all that … Read more

Swallowtail from Mexico

ID butterflie Hi, I’ve seen this Butterflie in Mexico….. What is? Thank you! Alessio Hi Alessio, This is one of the Swallowtail Butterflies in the subfamily Papilioninae. Many members from this group have tailed hind wings. Your image is not a species we recognize, but the markings are remarkably similar to a tailed species known … Read more

Jumping Spider: What Big Eyes You Have!!!

Metaphyduppus? Dear Bugman Just by chance, I ran into your wonderful website. I wonder if you can help me identify this spider. They tend to hang out on my wooden patio chairs and pounce on flies. They head into narrow cracks when disturbed and they are really fast. It took me a lot of time … Read more