Leaf Footed Bug: Acanthocephala species

can you identify this bug? I have attached 4 pictures of a bug I found crawling up my front door in North Texas. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks, Rebecca Hi Rebecca, This is a Coreid or Leaf Footed Bug in the genus Acanthocephala.

Jumping Spider

can you tell me any thing about this please,,found in scrub area,,,so Portland Maine joy Hi Joy, This is a Jumping Spider in the Family Salticidae. They are usually small, have great eyesight, and stalk prey during the daylight hours. They hunt and do not form a web to trap prey.

Case Bearing Moth Larva from Malaysia and Cave Dwelling Centipede from Borneo

what’s this bug? Hi bugman, I was casually eating my cocopops and bran-flake breakfast in my apartment this morning, when I noticed this strange insect hanging from the underside of my table. The coin is a 20 Sen MYR coin, about 1 inch in diameter. The small white ‘cocoon’ was oval shape with a hole … Read more

Indonesian Centipede

centipedes hello there ! great website u have there..attached a pic for you. no problem ,this is an indonesian centipede. regards Dominic Hi Dominic, Great photo.