Giant Ichneumon

pretty bug sitting on our screen door I found this pretty bug sitting on our screen door this July in East-Central Illinois. Overall, it was about 5-6 inches in length. Any ideas what it was? Thanks, Kim Hi Kim, It is so refreshing that you find the Giant Ichneumon species in the genus Megarhyssa pretty. … Read more

Rustic Sphinx Caterpillar

Manduca rustica? I couldn’t find out what kind of caterpillar I had, but with the help of your (wonderful) site I think I found it…The Manduca rustica. My dad found it while digging in his garden planting new flowers. Could you tell me what it eats, and how to care for it? Thank you!! Sarah … Read more

Boxelder Bug

repeat, got closeups of beetle OK. I have been online for 2 hours. I am a teacher, and a very good internet detective. I looked through all your beetles, and checked cockroaches……whew…..and did not see this insect. I have dealt with the asian lady beetle in my log home for several winters and was very … Read more