Longhorn Beetle ?
Hi, it’s dave from Northeast Thailand again. You did such a good job identifing the Owlfly larva I thought maybe you can tell me what this is. At first I thought it was a Longhorn beetle but now I’m not so sure. It doesn’t appear to have any ocelli eyes, just the large compound ones. It’s 4-5 inches long. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Dave Sweetland

Hi Dave,
We are waiting to hear back from Eric Eaton regarding his opinion of your freaky looking beetle.

I’m attaching a front head shot so you can see what a weird looking head this guy has. Thanks again,
Dave Sweetland

Update: (12/30/2005)
Here is Eric Eaton’s conclusion: ” Ah, well, it is much better viewing the beetle image on the website. Not that it helps me ID the thing, mind you! Ha! My initial reaction is: blister beetle (family Meloidae), just going by the “Gestalt” method. The head and antennae sure suggest that, but 4-5 INCHES? I guess it is possible….Anyway, you could start with Meloidae and see where it takes you. If I get anywhere myself, I’ll let you know.” Taking Eric’s suggestion we quickly located Eletica rubripennis on this site.

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