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what’s this bug?
Hi bugman,
I was casually eating my cocopops and bran-flake breakfast in my apartment this morning, when I noticed this strange insect hanging from the underside of my table. The coin is a 20 Sen MYR coin, about 1 inch in diameter. The small white ‘cocoon’ was oval shape with a hole in each end, and the worm-like creature would coninuously poke its head out and crawl along a tiny distance each time. I assume it’s the larvae of some insect, but have no idea what. If you can identify it, I’d be highly grateful.
Best regards,
Sarawak, Malaysia
Ps, I thought you may appreciate a photo of what looks very similar to a house centipede, but was actually observed in a remote cave in the interior of Borneo, which if I’m not mistaken would make it a “Thereupoda decipiens” aka a Long-legged Centipede. All photos are my own, so do with them as you please.

Hi Chris,
Your mystery cocoon is a Case Bearing Moth Larva. These are benign creatures that feed on pet hair. We love the Long Legged Centipede photo.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Borneo

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