What is this?
I found this crawling toward my 7 month baby…please please please tell me I don’t have cockroaches!! Thanks!

Hi Jennifer,
The good news is that Cockroaches will not attack your baby, but this is a Cockroach. Whether or not you have Cockroaches in the plural is yet to be determined. As this is an immature Cockroach, indications are there might be siblings, however, often a solitary Roach hitches a ride home from the laundermat or grocery store and its appearance is not an indication of an infestation.

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  1. BETH RUSSNAK says:

    I LIVE IN BUSHKILL PA, on a mountain, been living here for 15yrs and in the last 2 years ALOT of people have moved in our neighborhood, i also have noticed that i’VE been seeing alot of light brown flying bugs about an inch or so long and look like a cockaroach, alot of people have moved here from NY and im worried that they brought the cockaroaches from the city to the mountain, it sort of resembles a german cockaroach but without the black bands around the body, im freaking out only problem i ever had up here were carpenter ants and once the woods behind us where cleared it did slow the ants down tremendously! and BORAX REALLY DOES WORK FOR CARPENTER ANTS JUST SPRINKLE IT AROUND THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR HOME AND BY ANY ENTRY WAY INTO THE HOME, EVEN WINDOWS AND IT YOU HAVE ANY TREES HANGING OVER YOUR HOUSE YOU WANT TO REMOVE THEM, THATS HOW THEY R GETTING INTO YOUR HOME. THEY CLIMB THE TREE AND DROP ON TO YOUR HOUSE AND CREATE MORE HAVOC THAT TERMITES IF YOU HAVE A NEST AND I HAD 3 WHEN I MOVED IN. FIRST NIGHT HOME ALONE HOUSE WAS DORMANT FOR OVER A ;YEAR AND MY FIRST NIGHT HOME ALONE IN THE HOUSE WITH MY 9 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER WAS SITTING WATCHING TV AND AN ANT CRAWLED ACROSS MY ARM I LOOKED UP AND MY WHOLE CEILING WAS MOVEING THEN I NOTICED THE CARPET WAS TOO, RAN UPSTAIRS TO FIND MY DAUGHTER IN HER CRIB WITH AT LEAST 20-30 ANDTS CRAWLING IN HER BED

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