Hello – afraid i’m back again
Hello Bugman
The last time I had an identification problem you were kind enough and able to help (A Bee Assassin Bug) – This time it’s the largest Cicada I have ever seen! It’s overall length is 90mm and body length is 50mm. I have chased all the cicada sites I can find and while I think it may be a "Black Prince" I have not been able to find a pix that identifies it. I don’t like bothering you but if you can identify it off the top of your head I’d sure appreciate it – If not please don’t go to any trouble, it’s not life or death!. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas, we are enjoying a hot one at 36deg C.
Best regards
Keith Power
Toowoomba Qld

Merry Christmas to you as well Keith.
We were curious to give you some statistics of relative size of Cicadas worldwide as we have seen some enormous mounted specimens. Wikipedia provided the following information: “Adult cicadas, sometimes called imagines , are usually between 2 and 5 cm (1 to 2 inches ) long, although there are some tropical species that reach 15 cm (6 in), e.g. the Pomponia imperatoria from Malaysia.” In that sense, your cicada is an average sized Cicada. We have located a Scribbly Gum site dedicated to Australian Cicadas and there are many interesting colorful common names. The site does picture the Black Prince, and it is not your cicada.

Update (02/06/2006):
Cicada from Toowoomba
Dear Sir,
Some of your Aussie cicadas may be identified from the book “Australian Cicadas” by MS Moulds (NSW Uni Press, 1990) and available on www.abebooks listings. The largest Australian species is Thopha saccata (“double drummer”) which was the photo posted by Keith from Toowoomba on 24th Dec 2005. There are around 8 other cicada species from the Toowoomba area.

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