Thank you so much for this site!
I found it incredibly refreshing to come across a site so vehemently against the unnecessary killing of insects and other arthropods. In my house it’s a RULE that you don’t kill spiders etc . And an unwelcome critter is put out gently , as long as the weather is warm enough. I recently went to a Christmas party where the host had captured a Western Conifer Seed Bug, that had come into there house. Their kids didn’t care for it lol, so I wound up taking it home and set him up in a habitat until warmer weather when he can be set free. Thanks to your site I was able to properly identify him. It’s great how you’re working to enlighten people about the wonderful benefits of arthropods. Here are some photos of my son and I hanging out with some little critters. Thanks again for your wonderful site!

Hi Lark,
Now it is our turn to thank you for the gracious letter, but sadly, none of your photos attached.

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