beetle bug
My brother sent me this photo a couple years ago to ask if I knew what it was. I had no idea at the time that there was a website (yours) that I could consult. Now I know. He lives in London, Ontario, and the subject was photographed on a paper plate. I don’t see any antennae but there are 6 legs. And then there is a long component extending from the rear end. I have seen subjects with ovipositers on your site – is that was this is or does it have something to do with wings? I don’t remember if he said anything about flying. Can you tell me what it is?
PS I have already spent hours going through your website looking for this subject and have not seen everything – nevermind reading all the emails!

Hi Paula,
This is a Robber Fly and we actually have an entire page devoted to them. We usually get photos in the summer and that is a good time to see them on our home page. We also have many images of them mating. That is the abdomen extending beyond the wings.

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