Bug Identification !
Hi there!
I’m Heather from Southern California, I recently have been finding lots of bugs all over my tiles and carpet area… They crawl really slow, and when touched or blown agaisnt , tuck there legs in. The pictures that i took are of the bugs on a 12inx12in tiles. If you could help me identify the bugs and let me know where they came from that would be great!

Hi Heather,
This is a Grain Weevil, a type of Pantry Beetle. We are guessing they are infesting some stored food, possibly pet food or other flour product in your kitchen.

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  1. mohsen says:

    Hi Heather…
    The bug you posted is a type of weevil which belongs to the genus Sitophilus… Sitophilus granarium or the wheat weevil lacks those reddish spots on the elytra and never flies (lacks hindwings)… Both sitophilus oryzae (Rice weevil) and S. zeamays (Corn weevil) fly and look like the image shown but have an interesting difference… The rice weevil retracts its feet when touched and plays dead for some time but the corn weevil never plays dead!… Corn weevils also grow a little bit bigger.
    I study “Plant protection” in Tehran university of agriculture”, Iran… We study all kinds of pests including pests of stored products…
    I hope it was useful…
    Yours: Mohsen…

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