Whats that bug?
Hello bugman, I’m hoping you can help me.
I recently moved into a new apartment, and on the first night spotted a cockroach in the sink. It was between 1 and 2 cm long and was certainly a cockroach (no mistaking it). I had my unit sprayed and did not see any adult cockroaches since (its been about 4 weeks). I did however, find a strange smaller bug (5mm-10mm) in the bathroom on 3 occasions over the past 2 weeks. Once it was in the tub, the other 2 times on the floor. Each sighting was at night, however the bug did not run from the light. My first guess is it is some sort of cockroach nymph, as I’ve looked at pictures of cockroach nymphs and they seem to share certain features (including a horizontally striped body). On the other hand, the shape seems to be different, and my bug seems to have some sort of long tail. Can you tell me what my bug is? Is it a cockroach? I’ve attached a picture. I suppose its hard to tell from the image but the bug was relatively small.

Silverfish are primitive insects that like damp dark places like your bathroom at night. They are usually regarded as household pests and they will eat a large variety of organic substances. They have a reputation for destroying book bindings.

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