What’s This Bug?
Hi, my girlfriend found this bug dead in our kitchen floor. Can you tell me what it is?

This is a terrestrial arthropod known as a Pill Bug or Sow Bug. Children call them Rollie-Pollies because they roll into a ball..

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  1. Uruguayan Gringo Gaucho says:

    Apparently these pillbugs turn pink when you cook them as they are related to shrimp. I have them everywhere when I rake back the partially composted white and red oak leaves during the summer here in Raleigh, Nc. ( I’m moving to Uruguay, not there yet, by the way). I have heard such great things about eating bugs…the protein content, as well as lack of impact on the environment. Just a matter of the “weird” factor…..Just have to take that first step and actually try them. I have also heard that in taste tests, people liked them BETTER than shrimp. Might be neat to try!

    • bugman says:

      We know nothing about the edible factor of Pill Bugs, but Eat The Weeds and Eat The Planet both promote them as flavorful and healthy. David Gracer frequently comments on edible insects to our site. Based on our research, we will tag this posting with Edible Insects and we hope David Gracer can provide some personal account.

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