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A Pair of Fairy Moths
These fairy moths appear every spring in the former Fort Ord, near Monterey CA. They have absolutely incredible antennae.

Hi Matt,
Your photo is spectacular, but sadly, we don’t know what this moth is. We are currently seeking more professional advice and will notify you when we have an answer. We have posted the image on BugGuide and hope to get an answer soon. If we get a response, we are requesting your permission to keep the image on BugGuide which is a reference site we frequently use to help us identify unusual finds. Note: After several hours of internet chatter, the genus has been established as Adela, and the species purpurea has been eliminated.

You have my permission to use the image on BugGuide. I read on whatsthatbug.com ther might be a print version at some time. How do you plan on crediting contributors?

Hi again Matt,
Seems the talk on BugGuide is that this is Adela genus, and the species purpurea has been eliminated because of the range. Hannah wrote in: “According to Covell, the range of A. purpurea is Nova Scotia to New Jersey and west to Manitoba – too far north, I think, to match these. Covell’s picture does not have so much white as these, either. I think they must be a different species.” If we ever do a publication, our plan was to credit the people according to the way they signed their emails. This is in keeping with the spirit of other column publications like Ann Landers or Miss Manners. There could be a problem with image copyrights, but we do have a notice on our homepage that contributions might be used in future publications as well as being posted online.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. argenta says:

    I believe this is Adela oplerella Opler’s longhorn moth. It has a limited range. “Opler’s longhorn moth was placed in category 2 on November
    21, 1991 (56 FR 58804).”

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