Praying Mantis egg case is where it should not be….
Help Bugman!
What do we do now?
As you know, we found this Praying Mantis around Thanksgiving day, and we decided to keep it because it was too cold to leave it outside. Well, today (December 16), I came home from work and found that she had just attached an egg case to the lid (metal mesh) of the terrarium that she is currently living inside. Isn’t it kind of late in the season for her to be doing this? Anyway, if she had put the egg case on one of the vines, I could have taken it and hidden it outside in one of the bushes. But, instead, she had to go and stick it to this big metal lid. I know that if we keep this egg case inside the house where it is warm, a gazillion praying mantis babies will hatch sometime in January or February. It will be still way too cold for them to go outside and I doubt if we could keep them all alive. So, I know that it is important to get this egg case out of this warm house as soon as possible. Problem is, this lid is way too big to put in the refrigerator and too big to hide outside in our small bushes. First we saved the mom, now we have to find a way to preserve her offspring. (I’ve attached a picture of our dilemma). I’m not sure what to do about this. Any suggestions?
Mary Strong-Spaid

Hi again Mary,
We are sorry to hear that your kind deed is becoming a burden. First, mother Mantis will not live forever. You could try putting the entire terrarium outside after she dies. Perhaps a better solution is to pry the eggcase off of the screen and proceed with the plan to place it in the bushes. The eggcase is composed of an insulating foam and prying it off once it is hardened will not damage all of the eggs. You will then help to ensure the survival of the some of the offspring by postponing the hatching until there is a food supply. Good Luck.

Thanks for the advice on what to do with the egg case. I would really like to see the them around in the spring. We didn’t want them accidently coming out into a winter world where there is not enough room or enough food. I assure you that our Praying Mantis, Martha (my husband named her), is not a burden! We have enjoyed having her with us for the past few weeks. We know that it won’t be long now before she dies. We’ll be sorry to see her go. Again, thanks for the help.

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