scarlet bodied wasp moth
This moth is a new one for us to see in this area (Louisiana, zone 8 – 8b) I would love to see what the caterpillar looks like. The arrival of this moth may have something to do with our hurricanes this year, but i don’t know.

Hi Marianna,
What a beautiful image of a beautiful moth. The Scarlet Bodied Wasp Moth, Cosmosoma myrodora, is most common in Florida, but has been reported in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. The green caterpillar has black hairs and feeds on climbing hempweed. Bugguide has a caterpillar image.

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  1. Gabrielle W. says:

    I saw this yesterday on Marigolds that were as red as it is. Couldn’t decide if it were a wasp or a moth, but this cleared it right up!
    I live in Southern coastal Georgia.

  2. Betty Fritch says:

    Last year I was sitting in a chair on the front lawn under a tree and a bird-like creature was flying toward me, making a noise as it flew. Red with black wings. Someone at farmer’s mkt selling plants said it might have been a hummingbird moth. It seemed to be humming bird size or maybe a little smaller. Can’t find one that is red with black. Resembles Scarlet-bodied wasp moth in color, but they seem to be smaller? Could it have been a small hummingbird moth? If they come in bright red.

    It seemed to be going to land on me and since I didn’t know what it was I started waving a paper. Didn’t see where it went to get a close up.

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