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Philippine tortoise beetle
This bug was found in the Philippines – Mt. Isarog in the southern part of Luzon. (A professor, a classmate, and I were doing bat ecology research but kept picking up invertebrates that looked cool.) We called it the ‘space
bug’ for a while, then found a specimen in the University of the Philippines at Los Banos which was labeled only "Chrysomelidae". After some searching the internet I found it in on this website:
Based on the pictures I’m pretty sure it’s in the Aspidimorpha, but can’t figure out which species as they are very similar. The photos on that site are almost all of dead specimens, which is a pity, as the Cassidinae website states on its Introduction page that the Cassidinae have iridescent or metallic colours produced by body fluids between layers of cuticle, which dry out and become opaque after death. This one is recently dead and looked even prettier when it was first caught – clear as glass. You have a wonderful website – very accessible, helpful, and with lots of lovely pictures. Thanks for keeping it going.
Yours sincerely,
Shi-Hsia Hwa

Dear Shi-Hsia Hwa,
Thank you for your informative and complimentary letter. Here in the U.S., Tortoise Beetles are also called Goldbugs because of their irridescent coloration, and similarly, dead specimens loose much of their visual allure.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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  1. Harry Miller says:

    I doubt you are still wanting to close out this ID after so many years, but based on my own searches I have come across a pic of Aspidomorpha sanctaecrcis that looks very much like your bug. It comes from an book of Hong Kong Insects put out by Friends of the Country Parks and the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Dept.

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