Looks like an immature Assassin Bug?
Hello Bugman
A friend found this guy in her garden (Toowoomba, Queensland Australia) – We have lots of the reddish brown bodied mature Assassin Bugs, this is the first one of this color I have seen. The head and neck look a slightly different shape to what I am used to. Do you think it is of the Assassin bug family? Thanks in anticipation
Keith Power
Toowoomba Q

Hi Keith,
This is one of the Assassin Bugs. It looks like one of the group known as Bee Assassins.

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2 Responses to Australian Assassin Bug

  1. drswanny says:

    Looks like Ectomocoris patricius, although not certain on species. This is one of the corsairs in the Peiratinae, a ground hunter, so it would NOT be considered one of the bee assassins.

  2. drswanny says:

    It is worth adding that this is probably an adult as the species tends to be brachypterous.

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