What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Dear Bugman
What’s this bug?! My son needs to know for his school project, hoping you can help.
Many Thanks

Hi James,
In exchange for helping your son on his project, we are hoping you will write us back and tell us where you photographed this lovely Oleander Hawkmoth. We have located it on Bill Oehlke’s awesome site. According to the site: “The Oleander Hawk Moth, Deilephila nerii or Daphnis nerii (Wing span: 90–110mm) is primarily associated with the southern Mediterranean region, North Africa and the Middle East to Afghanistan (Ebert, 1969). Along the Mediterranean, there is no clear distinction between resident and migrant populations. Permanent populations exist in suitable locations in Sicily, Crete and Cyprus; however, over a number of favourable years further colonies may be established in those islands and also in southern Italy and southern Greece, all of which die out during a hard winter. Extra-limital range. From Afghanistan eastward to south-east Asia and the Philippines; as a migrant, it penetrates northwards into central Europe and central southern Asia. In 1974, this species was recorded as having established itself in Hawaii (Beardsley, 1979). ” So James, where are you?

Ed Note:((12/01/2005)
Over the next several days we received the same image from several people. Here was our written response and the followup:
Why is everyone sending in this exact photo for identification? I sent a detailed response to James two days ago and now two people from your government organization have sent in the same image. We are beginning to suspect a conspiracy theory.

sorry we are doing an xmas quiz and identifying the moth is one of the questions, thank you for your help.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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