What Moth is this?
This is a newly emerged moth according to another entry I saw on your website, but which one? I saw him on the ground under a live oak tree in our yard outside Walnut Springs, TX.
Laureen Dozier

Hi Laureen,
We thought this newly emerged Saturnid might be a Buck Moth and Eric Eaton confirmed our suspicions. Here is what he said: “Looks like one of the buck moths in the genus Hemileuca, but again, I am no moth expert. The red “tail” is pretty diagnostic, though. It was found in late autumn, right? Eric”

After I saw the photo posted on the Whats That Bug? website I thought maybe the other two would be clearer. All these were taken in Bosque County, TX on 11-26-05. A bit of web surfing leads me to think this may be Grote’s Buckmoth. Especially since the antennae are so delicately & beautifully formed! I just learned that moths smell with their antennae-thanks for whetting my curiosity appetite.
Laureen Dozier

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