Pryeria sinica
Hi there…what an interesting site! I first visited about a month ago hoping to identify these wasp-mimicking moths that were swarming around the Euonymus hedgerow in back of my townhouse in central Maryland . For the entire month of October and the first two weeks of November, I had to run to my car with a jacket over my head because the infestation was so thick! I just learned that this species is Pryeria sinica and it is native to the Far East. Apparently it is a newly-identified pest species in my area and kind of a big deal! I thought others in the Maryland/Virginia area might find this useful, as there isn’t very much information available. I read something from the Maryland Dept. of Agriculture that says it’s crucial to report these guys if you see them. I wish I’d known that a few weeks ago. The invaders all died about two weeks ago when it really started to get cold. Attached are the best images I could find…I’m sorry, I don’t have the ability to thumbnail them.
Carley C. Heelen

Pryeria sinica male Pryeria sinica female

Hi Carley,
Thanks for the wealth of information and your photos. They are a welcome addition to our site.

I should add that those are not my photos, because it didn’t occur to me to take any. I found them on this site:
Carley C. Heelen

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