Bug, Sydney, NSW, Australia
I found this huge green bug in my back yard in Syndey, NSW, Australia . It is about 8cm long and 2cm wide. I would like to know what it is? Thanks for your help.
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Hi Bianca,
This is a Cicada, but we don’t know Australian species. Males make loud harsh sounds that sound almost industrial. They create quite a ruckus from trees.

(11/28/2005) Cicada from Australia
Dear What’s That Bug?:
Let me first say that I love your site. I couldn’t possibly say enough good things about it. Keep up the great work. I thought I may be able to provide you with an ID for the Cicada from Australia. I wasn’t sure whether you’d want to post the info or not, but figured you’d be interested nonetheless. I believe the pictured cicada is Cyclochila australasiae (the Green Grocer). I can’t be 100% sure, as the little fella in the picture is on his back, and I am by no means an expert on Australian cicadas. >From what I understand, it is a common Australian species and much louder than the ones we have in the US. I hope the information can be useful to you.
Chad Lensbower
Chambersburg, PA

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