Hello. I love your web site.
Anyway, I moved into my current apartment about a year ago. I have found least a dozen of these guys, but I have never been able to get a good picture of one. I researched what they may be, but I kind of scared myself, so I figured I’d ask you. Today when I got home, this guy greeted me in the middle of my dining room floor. This one is one of the smaller ones I’ve seen, but the biggest one was about the size of a USD penny (including legs). They’re a cream color, and blend in very well with my cream colored, textured walls. This was the first one I’ve seen on a floor, they’re usually somewhere on a wall. One even decided to come down on a lead from our exhaust fan in the bathroom and greet me when I was stepping into the shower. > Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.
Laura Kennedy
Central Pennsylvania

Hi Laura,
This is a Cream House Spider. It is in the genus Chiracanthium. Native species are usually found outdoors, but according to Hogue, a European introduction often enters homes. Hogue also writes: “These spiders have relativly strong fangs and have been known to bite humans, causing a wound that is painful and slow to heal.”

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