A nice waspy mothy thing from The Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia
Hi Bugman,
I love your site; was lost in it for more than an hour the other day checking out your caterpillars. Today we drove out from Sydney to The Hunter Valley where I acquired this lovely broach. I scoured your moth pages, but couldn’t find anything that matched exactly, but it looks like a clearwing wasp-mimicking thing – what do you think? I hope you like it!

Hi Nadia,
We agree that this is one of the Wasp Mimic Arctiids or Tiger Moths. Sorry we can’t help with the species, but we love your photograph.

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2 Responses to Wasp MImic Moth from Australia

  1. drtjhawkeswood says:

    The moth is a species of Amata (Arctiidae)

    They are often locally common but not much is known about them.They have a very dainty slow flight.

    Best regards, Trevor

  2. drtjhawkeswood says:

    Looking at the moth again, it may be Amata aperta or a similar species

    Best regards, Trevor

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